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Friends we’ve lost on Flickr

Vegas Patti (a group admin) says:

21 May 07 - This is the flickr cemetary. People who have been deleted (usually for no reason) by the Flickr police. Even if there is a reason, you’re unlikely to hear it because once you’re deleted, there is no returning. Oh, you can come back under a new identity (kind of a reincarnation) but you are duly warned that you can always be deleted again. At that point, you’ve lost your confidence, lost your edge, lost your zen…. So this is were we pay tribute to the ones we miss and we’ll never see again.

Anybody who posts or looks at erotic pix on Flickr knows that “friends” have been deleted recently. Some people say that Flickr staff has been deleting accounts of those who follow the rules and keep adult pix private. I haven’t seen that personally and Flickr says not true.

I just wanted a place we could discuss this and try to develop strategies for keeping out of the gunsites of these censors.


lmct70 / big man

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SORRY SORRY SORRY BUTT.i dont have any pic’s yet hope to put some up soon.i am a big man.i am over 6 feet tall and 350 lbs.i am latino and i am in my 40th hope see lots of pic’s in here.

I’m Male and Open.

san jose

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